Best New York Giants Teams of All-Time

Most sports fans have a favorite team. But, for those who step each season into the cold of Giant Stadium, a few of our teams have surpassed expectations. These teams broke away from the pack throughout the years. First, a few famous New York Giant players:

1. Frank Gifford
2. Michael Strahan
3. Eli Manning
4. Andy Robustelli
5. Josh Brown
6. Lawrence Taylor
7. Phil Simms

Only one of them play for this year’s team, which is why we aren’t that optimistic.  Maybe someone unknown will step up though.

The 1958 game between the New York Giants and the Colts “went down in history”. The game went into sudden death play. The New York Giants had a host of heroes playing on the field: HB, Flanker Frank Gifford, and OT Roosevelt Brown. The team graduated into history and still going strong with one of the greatest coaching staffs in American football history, with Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry.

Although the 1958 game against the Baltimore Colts was a loss, leaving New York with a 17 to 23 point defeat, this game showed the world what the New York Giants were made of, “a will of solid steel”. The effort put into the 1958 game, is difficult to match. This game helped define what real football was all about.

Sports star Myles White, pushing the “Giants” to greater heights, made touchdowns and long plays. Players like RB Rashad Jennings streaked down the field for long yardage, moving the “Giants” closer to the legend, they would become. From this game, 17 players made it to the football hall of fame.

The New York Giants have a long list of great players who have shown skills, far above average. Nevertheless, the 1986 and 1990 teams had to rank among the best, with “Super Bowl wins. Defeating Denver in Super Bowl XXII and in 1990, they challenged Buffalo in Super Bowl XXV and won 19-20. Listed among these team members are QB Phil Simms, LB Lawrence Taylor, NT Jim Burt, TE Mark Bravado, RB Joe Morris, T Brad Benson, LB Harry Carson are among notables. The 1990 Super Bowl set a list of precedents:

– Giants set record, retaining possession of the football for 40 minutes, 33 seconds
– Giants overcame a 12–3 second-quarter deficit
– 75-yard touchdown
– RB Ottis Anderson, carried football 21 times, gaining, 102 yards
– Ottis Anderson named MVP
– Ottis Anderson received “Pete Roselle Trophy”
– First Super Bowl with two teams from same state

The Giants gave the New England Patriots a wake up call in the 2008 XLII Super Bowl by annihilating an undefeated record with a 17-14 win. The two forces of football grandeur would meet again for a classic battle for Super Bowl, XLVI; the New York Giants would once again reign, victorious. This force of football greatness eliminated team after team in some of the best New York Giants teams of all-time.

The Jets also have had some great teams, but not nearly as many Super Bowl champions.  I’d take our franchise over theirs any day of the week.